Joining FAMNM

FAMNM is open to all University of Michigan students. Our members come from many different backgrounds, colleges, and majors, and some have never even participated in FIRST® before! We know that as a UofM student, your schedule is tight. FAMNM lets you put as much or as little in as you want and works completely around your schedule. Signing up is easy! Just join us on Maize Pages and we'll get in touch.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them to [email protected]

General Members

Michigan robotics table at the FIRST Championship General members assist FAMNM operationally. We encourage members to attend our biweekly General Body Meetings to stay updated about what FAMNM is up to. Want to help FAMNM continue to grow and improve? Join one (or several) of our committees!


FAMNM members build using LEGO pieces FAMNM helps match local teams and potential mentors. You can choose to help a team full time, or participate in the Freelance Mentor program, providing assistance to teams on an as needed basis only.


FAMNM members volunteering at an FRC event Every year, FAMNM sends volunteers to FIRST events across the state of Michigan and beyond! We'll do our best to make sure you can get to all the events of your choosing. Volunteers serving in key roles are eligible to be reimbursed for some travel costs!