FAMNM Robot Quick Build

FAMNM is planning to try and make FRC Kickoff 2021 a helpful virtual experience for teams. As a result, we think it is unlikely that there will be a RQB this upcoming academic year. If you're a rookie team and would like support from FAMNM during your 2021 build season, please reach out to FAMNM's FRC Coordinator who can help connect you to available mentorship and other resources.

The Robot Quick Build (RQB) is an event held in early January, usually the day after our FRC Kickoff event. Teams work with FAMNM members to jumpstart their FRC season by getting a working drivetrain on the first day of build season! FAMNM offers assistance in mechanical, electrical, programming, and game strategy. Check out some highlights from last year's RQB in the image slideshow above!