FAMNM is a University of Michigan student organization devoted to organizing student and departmental efforts to support the FIRST® program locally and throughout the state of Michigan. FAMNM offers college students the opportunity to volunteer in various FIRST® programs and events, hosts season kickoffs and Robot-in-3-Days (Ri3D), provides funding for teams, and acts as a liaison between teams and various university departments.

Teams watch FIRST's kickoff broadcast during FAMNM's 2024 FRC kickoff

2024 FRC kickoff

FAMNM kicked off the 2024 FRC season, CRESCENDO, on at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Season Resources

FAMNM Ri3D livestreams

Freelance mentors from FAMNM helping out an FRC team

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A FAMNM member volunteers as a field resetter at the FRC Michigan State Championship in 2024

2024 FRC volunteering

FAMNM is organizing volunteering efforts at CRESCENDO FRC events. Join us!

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Come to our Winter 2024 General Body Meetings every Monday at 7 PM in EECS 3427, and fill out our Winter 2024 interest form so that we can add you to our Slack workspace and mailing list.