FAMNM Organizational Structure

Below is a chart of FAMNM's organizational structure. Executive Board members and Core Team members constitute FAMNM's leadership structure, the FAMNM Core. Dashed lines indicate collaborative relationships between committees and Core Team members. Hover over or tap any of the boxes to learn more!

image/svg+xmlPresident Vice President Director of Internal Affairs Treasurer Director of Corporate Outreach Director of Project Development Webmaster Kickoff Coordinator Ri3D Coordinator FRC Coordinator FTC Coordinator FLL Coordinator Volunteer Coordinator Marketing Committee Treasury Committee Corporate Outreach Committee Projects Committee Ri3D Team Volunteers Mentors Freelance Mentors FIRST Alumni Network at UofM General Members Website Committee Executive Board Core Team Committee Managed Group Director of Marketing


The President is responsible for setting the overall strategy and direction of the organization, as well as organizing general body and FAMNM planning meetings, and maintains communication with FIRST and other FIRST collegiate groups.

Vice President

The Vice President is responsible for all communication with the University of Michigan and student organizations with which FAMNM is affiliated, ensures that FAMNM is in compliance with University policies, and works with the Director of Internal Affairs to reach out to all FIRST alumni at the University of Michigan.

Director of Internal Affairs

The Director of Internal Affairs is responsible for managing membership in FAMNM, maintaining the FAMNM Slack workspace and email lists, and managing the onboarding process for new members.

Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing is responsible for overseeing the activitiese of the Marketing Committee, specifically: updating and managing FAMNM's social media accounts, maintaining branding standards, and ordering FAMNM swag.


The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing the Treasury Committee, and ensuring that its responsibilities are duly executed. Also responsible for approving reimbursements, ensuring the continuity of the UM FIRST Scholarship, and overseeing all of FAMNM's income and expenditures.

Director of Corporate Outreach

The Director of Corporate Outreach is responsible for overseeing the activites of the Corporate Outreach Committee and maintains communication with FAMNM's partnercorporations.

Director of Project Development

The Director of Project Development is responsible for organizing and overseeing the activities of the Project Development Committee, as well as ensuring that all FAMNM events run smoothly.

Kickoff Coordinator

The Kickoff Coordinator is responsible for organizing and managing all kickoff-related events run by FAMNM, such as FRC Kickoff, FTC Kickoff, or FRC Robot Quick Build. Works with the Project Development Committee to continually improve all kickoff events.

Ri3D Coordinator

The Ri3D coordinator is responsible for organizing the FAMNM Ri3D team as well as overseeing fundraising and recruitment for the team. The Ri3D coordinator is not responsible for running the team during the Ri3D build and competition days, but makes sure the team is well-equipped during both build and competition.

FRC Coordinator

The FRC Coordinator is FAMNM's point of contact for all affiliated FRC teams, and works to provide affiliated FRC teams with any resources available to FAMNM. Ensures that all of FAMNM's FRC mentors have completed appropriate trainings and paperwork.

FTC Coordinator

The FTC Coordinator is FAMNM's point of contact for all affiliated FTC teams, and works to provide affiliated FTC teams with any resources available to FAMNM. Ensures that all of FAMNM's FTC mentors have completed appropriate trainings and paperwork.

FLL Coordinator

The FLL Coordinator is FAMNM's point of contact for all affiliated FLL teams, and works to provide affiliated FLL teams with any resources available to FAMNM. Ensures that all of FAMNM's FLL mentors have completed appropriate trainings and paperwork.

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for managing all FAMNM volunteers and organizing logistics forFAMNM's volunteer operations.

Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of all critical members of the FAMNM Core Team. As a whole, they are responsible for managing FAMNM's organizational resources.

Core Team

The Core Team consists of all of FAMNM's elected positions.


Committees are subgroups within FAMNM that are focused on specific components of FAMNM's operations.

Managed Groups

Managed Groups are interest groups within FAMNM that are typically focused on a specific type of outreach towards the FIRST community, such as mentoring or volunteering. While they are not responsible for making any organizational decisions, they are usually managed by one or more members of the Core Team.


The Webmaster is responsible for overseeing all websites managed by FAMNM, as well as managing the FAMNM Website Committee.

Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for maintaining the FAMNM website and other FAMNM-managed website projects.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for maintaining FAMNM's social media accounts, producing marketing materials for events at which FAMNM participates, maintaining and updating FAMNM branding standards, and designing FAMNM swag.

Treasury Committee

The Treasury Committee is responsible for balancing and maintaining FAMNM's budget, applying for funding for FAMNM events, managing reimbursements of FAMNM members, and working on the University of Michigan FIRST Scholarship.

Corporate Outreach Committee

The Corporate Outreach Committee is responsible for managing FAMNM's corporate sponsorships, maintaining communication with FAMNM alumni, and providing professional development opportunities for FAMNM members.

FIRST Alumni Network at UofM

This group consists of all FIRST Alumni that are students or alumni of the University of Michigan, and are known to FAMNM. Members of this group need not be general members, and receive email updates about FAMNM's operations and professional development opportunities.

Project Development Committee

The Project Development committee is responsible for creating new FAMNM events and improving existing FAMNM events.

Ri3D Team

The Ri3D team consists of all individuals that intend to participate in or help with the FAMNM Robot in 3 Days endeavor. The Ri3D Team is responsible for its own fundraising and recruitment.


FAMNM Mentors are all mentors that work regularly with one or more affiliated team(s) during build season.

Freelance Mentors

Freelance Mentors are mentors that donate their free time to help teams in need of one-off mentorship. Freelance mentors are not associated with any particular team.


Volunteers are all FAMNM members who volunteer at FIRST events, and are organized through the Volunteer Coordinator.

General Members

General Members are all U of M students who have joined FAMNM.