FAMNM Robot in 3 Days - 2020 Documentation

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2020 FAMNM Ri3D Robot: name TBD

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my question posted here?
Reach out to us on Chief Delphi or at [email protected]

Will you be releasing full robot CAD?
No, we aim to inspire teams and not for our design to be copied. There's much that can be improved upon in our design. If CAD for a specific component would be useful in your design process, reach out to us on Chief Delphi or at [email protected]

Did you bend an aluminum sheet to form the conveyor base? How is your intake handling friction/stickiness with the power cells?
We did use a bent aluminum sheet for the conveyor base - it took us a few iterations to get the angles and depth just right but the entire conveyor system is currently handling the balls very well. The most major problem we've seen is slippage between the surgical tubing and the rollers, which has been resolved with 3D printed collars on the roller according to our latest testing.

What motor and gearbox combination did you use in the winch for your climbing system?
We used a CIM with a 70:1 Versa Planetary gearbox

Where can I find more Michigan Ri3D?
We have all sorts of content from the 2020 Ri3D season on our YouTube and Twitch accounts.