Affiliate with us

Are you a FIRST® team looking for resources or mentors? You've come to the right place! FAMNM is here to help you by connecting you to U of M students, machinery, and opportunities. As our member base is primarily comprised of FIRST® alumni, we do our best to provide the next generation of FIRST® students the best experience possible and grow our extensive FIRST® FAMNMily!

Any team that would like to obtain support and resources from FAMNM must become affiliated with FAMNM by working with one of our Coordinators to review and customize a contract. This will outline the expectations and responsibilities of both parties so as to ensure that FAMNM is best meeting the team’s needs and structure.

For our FRC teams, we can help provide water jet access here at U of M, and mentor support throughout the build and competition season.

Interested? Email our head FRC Coordinator Alan Stahl at​ to get connected.

Currently, FAMNM supports FTC teams through our annual FTC Kickoff event. As our organization continues to grow, we are actively looking for more ways to provide direct support to FTC teams.

Interested in getting involved? Email our FTC Coordinator Travis Gurlik at​ to get connected.

With FLL, we are working on building team relationships, and are currently only providing mentor support for teams in our area.

Interested? Email our FLL Coordinator Allison Wilcox at ​ to get connected.