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The FIRST® Robotics Competition (FRC) season begins each year in early January with a worldwide kickoff. At this time, the year’s challenge is revealed and teams begin their 6-week design and build season. In addition to showing the game reveal broadcast, we offer tours of the university’s engineering campus, presentations by inspiring professionals and university faculty, and a mock field setup to help students understand the new game.

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Team Room
66 Dow Building - Room 1010
815 Bob and Betty Beyster Building - Room 1690
830 EECS Building - Room 1303
1076 EECS Building - Room 1311
3322 EECS Building - Room 1500
3641 Bob and Betty Beyster Building - Room 1670
3773 Dow Building - Room 2150
4395 EECS Building - Room 1012
4405 Dow Building - Room 1006
5067 Duderstadt Conference Room A
5090 Dow Building - Room 1017
5530 Dow Building - Room 1005
5676 Dow Building - Room 1014
6101 Dow Building - Room 1018
6119 EECS Building - Room 1003
6190 Dow Building - Room 2166
6528 Chrysler Center - Room 265
6538 EECS Building - Room 1008
6580 EECS Building - Room 1003
7175 Duderstadt Conference Room B
Opening Ceremony info coming soon!
The following lots are free of charge and will NOT require a Blue Permit on the day of the event only:

NC27 Parking Lot
NC48 Parking Lot
NC60 Parking Lot
NC43 Parking Lot
NC5 Parking Lot
NC8 Parking Lot
NC10 Parking Lot


Will we have access to our breakout room when we arrive?
Yes, breakout rooms open at 8am, and teams are encouraged to leave their belongings, lunches, etc in their breakout rooms.

If members of our team arrive seperately, do they all have to check in?
No, only the head mentor should report to check-in.

What different food options are there for the event?
Your head mentor will receive a Domino's Pizza Order form. Teams may also bring food and store it in their breakout rooms, or explore a number of local dining options, which are a short walk or drive from North Campus.

The NC27 Lot says 'Blue Permit Required Mon-Sat'. Does this mean we can't park there?
The Blue Permit will NOT be enforced on the day of the event. Teams are free to park in any spot not designated as a 'Gold' spot.

Will we have access to a projector in our breakout room?
Yes, all breakout rooms come equipped with outlets and a projector.

What time should we arrive?
Check-in starts at 8am and runs through 10am. There will be tours offered during the morning prior to Opening Ceremonies as well as the UofM Fair.

What is FAMNM?
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